There are many companies that manufactures the best electric shaver. Some of them are excellent. If you don’t spend so much time to shaving then you have used electric razor for that. It gives you a perfect shave and close shave. The Braun Series 7 is the best razor that can have all the expected things. It gives you a effective facial groom. You can also remove the other body hair by using the Braun Series 7.Who makes the best electric shaver

Earlier, when you have a perfect clean shave, you go to the barbers shop. Where you are hand over your life to him. The barber can says you to relax. Holding the straight razor to your jugular.

But today you can have your own shaving machine. They are safe also from the barbers razor. The electric razor contain the blades. Which can rotate forward and back. And the advantage of the morden razors are they can use over on any type of skins.

There are mainly two types of razors are available.

Foil razor and the electric razors.

Foil razors:

Foil razors contain blades. Which can move forward and backward direction. The guards are also available there. They can protect the skin from damage.

Rotary razors:

Rotary razors have circular blades. The spinning blades are protects from  any harmful damage. But after the shaving, blades are difficult to clean than other. 

Here are some best electric shavers:


Gillette is an American company for the safety razors. It also manufactures the other personal care products. Gillette also corporate with the multinational committee called P&G (Procter and Gamble).


Merkur was about the 100-year experience brand that gives the high quality. Having double edge razors. Those who want the wet shaving, this is the best choice for them.


Who wants the high-quality shaving brush, the most popular name is comes to the mind is Simpsons. It provides the good shaving brushes. Luxury shaving has the synonymous that is Simpsons. The lifetime of the Simpsons is more than the others.


Blue beards revenge:

Blue beards revenge is the newly brand come to the market recent years ago. They manufacture many other brands for the men personal care. The shaving cream they manufacture, because of that, the beards grow slowly. It reduces the growth of beard.


Proraso is the Italian company. This is the most lovable brand. Who has beginner they prefer Proraso brand They also manufacture other products. The products are made by the natural ingredients. The quality of Proraso is excellent.


Braun is American company that manufacture the best razors ever. It has flexible blades that moves easily over the all parts of face. It also a good choice for shave.

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There are different companies who manufactures shavers. According to expextations  we can choose any of them. The more popular brand in India is Gillete. According to your face shape, you can prefer any shaver. All shaver are possibly make feel excellent. You can sharpan your beard.