Remington shavers are nothing but Electric shavers, which are now commonly used by the most of the customers over the traditional wet shavers.Who owns Remington shavers

Basic concept behind these shavers are use the shavers which are good compact size and easily connect to charge anywhere.

Customers are now more attracted towards the electric shavers because of the comfort which they are giving when shaving, so demand is increasing of these shaver’s day by day now. Click Here best electric razor for men

History of Remington company

The origin of the Remington company was reminting and sons. Who are makers of it and also the the founder of Remington products in the early year of 1816.

At the initially, they started manufacturing unit of the sewing machine and other farm implements. But it was most important side venture.

After 1980, Mr. victor kiam’s owns this company naming as “Remington products company”. And become the first owner of the Remington products.

And became beneficial branching into other some personal care small devices and the same year kiam sold his overall interest in Remington to ike Perlmutter.

Products by Remington company

  1. Air plates
  2. Rose pearl
  3. Proulx
  4. Keratin radiance
  5. Shine therapy
  6. Colour protects
  7. Ceramic slim 230
  8. Pro extra ceramic care
  9. Protect sleek and smooth
  10. Lady Remington – in which all the electric shavers and appliances used by women.

Buying Methods

The Remington shavers are now available on shops like, electronic shops, shopping mall, other e commercial online websites also.

Some of those websites Online suppliers which are as follows –

  1. Amazon India
  2. Ninth Avenue
  3. com

Beside from these there are also different types and also others suppliers also available in the market today. The quality provided by these suppliers are trusty and there is great assurity that the product is genuine. They also provide different facilities like replacement’s,guaranty and warranty like this.

Different Features of Remington shaver

This Remington shaver has different features such as

  1. Head and cutter assembly
  2. Pop Up trimmer Precision plus heads
  3. charging indicator
  4. Power adapter
  5. Charge stands
  6. Head release button
  7. On-Off button

Care and Cleaning of Remington shaver:

While cleaning the shaver or blade do not use detergents and chemicals, clean with clothes only. cleaning, dry the surface of shaver using a dry cotton of cloth only.

Daily basis Care:

  1. the head assembly opens when you press the release button on the shaver.
  2. Remove the excess hair shaving in the shaver.
  3. Wash the shaver head using water
  4. Dry the shaver head.
  5. Before using shaver fix the shaver head again then start using it.

The Remington product company suggests replacement of the shaver head in every scheduled year. user can easily get to know when to replace the parts as when they are facing skin related problem like some skin issues or irritation.

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Remington shaver product manufacturing corporation is leading company which provide men and women electrical appliances and Mr. victor kiam has own this entire corporation and become the owner of this company.